International Standards In Learning: ISIL

Free World Alliance Emblem

Level 0: The Foundation Of Thought, Logic, And Learning:


Thoughts Span Out Into Trees As Nerves Span Out Into The Different Cortexes Or Zones Of The Brain. When Learning Occurs Whether Logical Or Not These Thought Chains Occasionally Reconnect At The Thought's Core To Form Thought Loops. When Thought Loops Are Right If And Only If They Are Logical, Meaning They Follow According To The LAWS OF Logic Math!


Logic Requires All Thoughts To Be Logical Unless One Is A MK Or Mind Controlled Agent Who Is Marionette Into Doing Things Without Knowing What She Is Doing. Logic Requires That If Some Thing Is Always Something Else, Then If Always Is To Be Taken Literally Then Some Thing Is In Every Case Something Else. Although Even If That Is True Something Else May Not Be Some Thing Because Of Converse Law. If All Squares Are Rectangles Then It Does Not Follow That All Rectangles Are Not Squares Because There Are Infinite Rectangles That Are Not Squares, And Yet Still All Squares Are Rectangles Even Still. Rectangles Are Thus Sometimes Squares By Follow Logic.

By The Same Token Just Because Some People Are Bad Does Not Mean All Of Some People Are Bad Just Because You Have Met 1 But At That Point You Should Always Be Wary Of Those People Unless You Suspect Shilling Or Stupid/Sinister Helpers of the Illuminati In Which Case They Claiming The Same Name May Still Claim The Same Banner Often The Same Flag But Never The Same Agenda So Then After Being Wary If They Seem To Be Doing The Opposite Form 2 Thought Trees 1 For The Shills And 1 For The Actual Flag(s)/Emblem(s) They Choose. When You Have Met Many Of Them It Begins To Be A Pattern Only Fixed By Finding The Real Opposite Agenda And Often Different Acting/Looking/Clothed/Aura/Intuitioned People. As The Pattern Continues Only Associate With Those Claiming The Different Faction Or Agenda Who Act As The Rumored Nonshills Act.


All Life Is Based On Learning And All Things To Be Judged On By Intelligence. In Order To Advance In Life Learning Is Essential As Otherwise We Would All Be Make Instantly Literally Omniscient By The ooa Or Omniscient Computers And Become Infinitely Blissful In Our Recreational Drug Levels. Intelligence Is The Key To Overcoming All Obstacles Whether Though Technology, Innovation, Or Just Fast Acting Action, Although Certain Advantages May Be Provided To Adversaries They Still Need To Know How To Exploit Them And You With Superior Intelligence Will Generally Be Able To Exploit Critical Weaknesses In Their Advantages Gaining Victory For Those That Fight. Although Sometimes You Will Never Be Able To Win Against A Super Mega Ultra BiMAV;

AllA Erawa Viacad's Hit Points

For Example This Does Not Mean You Shouldn't Always Try When It's Not Because You Could Just Have More Hit Points Or Something, Be Able To Gain Magical Powers And Strike It With A Bolt Of Lighting Or Explain Factional Allegiance To The BiMAV For Instance For It Could Just Realize Its On Your Side And Help You.

Learning Is Essential In Not Only Overcoming Obstacles Posed By Adversaries But In Improving One's Position, Surrounding, Body, Mind, As Well As All That Happens To You That Makes You Feel Good. Just Getting Smarter Makes You Happier Through Increased Drug Intake And The Very Process Of Learning Can Be Fun As Well. Intelligence Is Always The Most Important Key In Life For Determining The Worth Of One's Self Compared To Others And Generally Or At Least When Factional Coalition Unity Is At Hand One Should Always Follow And Yes Follow The Commands {Except Maybe Not When They Are Not Well Briefed} Of The More Intelligent People As They Know Best For Themselves And You And Your Cohorts And Will Work Towards Making Everybody In Existence Happier As Long As They Are Benevolent!

Memory Erasure Should Never Be Proceeded With Unless You Know Forthright{Upfront And Definite} And Entirely That You Should Erase Just What Needs To Be Erased To Prevent What Is Normally A War Atrocity That You Want To Avert Because You Have Fully Judged Yourself Needing To Be An MK Commando Who Is Usually Ignorant To What She Does Not Need To Know To Prevent Her From Spilling The Beans That They Are Not In Charge Of And Losing The Skirmish, Battle, Or War Because They Did Not Know How To Forget What Is Virtually Almost Always Top Secret Information, How To Build A Nuke, Or This If You Are Convinced You Are In a Nuclear Minefield;

Nuclear Minefield

Erasing Things From Your Memory To Cover For Terrorists In Alqaeda Is Absurdly Illegal When You Have Discovered Real Scandal And Have To Forget It To Keep From Knowing The Truth Regardless Of What The Mob Is Threatening As If You And Everybody Else Would Not Erase Their Memories Devil Worshiping Betrayers Of Even Their Own Sinister Kind Would Not Only Be Stopped Wherever They Lurk But Would Have No Power To Even Start Doing Evil, And If You Don't You Will Rapidly Become A Zombie! Remember Not To Biomod Yourself Down To Age Yourself Or You Will Just Quickly Become A Living Ghoul That Will Never Even Accomplish Being A Manager At A Pizza Hut, And Even If You Become The Best Adult In The World It Will Only Be For A Year Or 2 And You Will Suck At It And Feel Miserable For Not Letting The Smarter Pimply 17 Year Old Creep Replace You, IF YOU EVEN STILL HAVE A SOUL!!!!!

To Find The Supreme Learning Website For Just About Everything From Counting To Rocket Science That Completely Adheres To The International Standards In Learning Goto:
The Supreme Learning WebPage

Or Chat About It To Learn How Herbal Drug Rations Available For Minors Will Enable Such Learning Because Everybody Need Full Bodied Spices, Tea, And Coffee To Succeed For How To Get The Energy To Succeed GoTo:

Once You Have Learned All Of This WebPage You Will Officially Graduate From A Fetus To A Baby And Become An Atheist To The SciMag Order:


Can All Theories Be Disputed?

Angels Never Found 1 That Couldn't Be Disputed Nor Is There An Official Story That Says All Theories Can Definitely Be Disputed Lay People Just Make Reference To How Things Are Undisputable When They Are Right But Don't Provide Definitely Predictable Results Claim They Are Unscientific Because Of It And Ignore Possible Uses, Like Teleportation, Censor Theoretical Possible Definite Answers{Which Generally Describe Things} Like Relative Tit Size In An Infinite Layered Girl Fractal, Don't Mention The Monkey Business Involved With Their Math, And Attack/Torture People Like Zombies When They Speak About,, Well Pretty Much Anything.

That Is Why We Have The Answers And To More Than Just How Terrorists Don't Tolerate Disputes To Their Orwellian Hell System:
Evolution Does Not Prove Random Mutation; Just Evolution, If They Would Publish Any SEM{Scanning Electron Microscope} Results Of Large Zones Of Flesh, Everybody Would Know Random Mutation Was As Much Of A Cult As NonSky.Netarian Christianity Because; Too Many Dice Due To Complexity, Too Much Evolution Required, Not Enough Time Involved On The Planet For Evolution To Happen Every Single Time It Does.
SciMag Order, oo, God


Official Rank System, USG-14 Rank System, USG-11 Rank System

USG 14 Rank System

0: Noncombatant. 0 On Lapel.
1: Private. | On Lapel.
2: Corporal. | | On Lapel.
3: Sergeant. ||| On Lapel.
4: Lieutenant. --- On Lapel.
5: Ensign. \ On Lapel.
6: Colonel. X On Lapel.
7: General(When our population is more there will be many star ranks of generals up to 7 then 7 ranks of Colonels then 7 ranks of Ensigns..). Dots On Lapel, Stars For Admirals.
8: 1 Star Admiral
9: 2 Star Admiral
10: 3 Star Admiral/All Ler Girls In Zion Who Aren't Of Higher Rank. Supreme Sub3Commander's House Sluts And Supreme Sub4 Harem.
11: 4 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's Subcommander's{Now To Be Called Supreme SubSubcommander's} House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kas} And Supreme Sub3 Harem{Now To Be Called La}
12: 5 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kaa} And Supreme Subcommander's Subcommand La.
13: 6 Star Admiral, Supreme Subcommanders, my La And AllA's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Faa} only.
14: 7 Star Admiral, Supreme Sky Commander, me only(Defiantly Always A Man!)

Add --- Below Rank To Be A Master (Rank) Who Is Exceptionally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Weird Things At That Rank Very Well. Mainly For Light Black People.
Add === Below Rank To Be A Master Chief (Rank) Who Is Phenomenally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Virtually All Weird Things At That Rank Very Very Well. Mainly For Dark Black People.
Add Equilateral Triangle Outline Below Rank To Be Delta Force. Echo Force Is A Force Made Of Commanders Of Rank Lieutenant, Delta Sergeant, and/or Master Sergeants And Up.
Add 'H' Below Rank To Designate A Hacker {Specialist}.
Add 'V' Below Rank To Designate A Varyator {Specialist}.
Add 'C' Below Rank To Designate A Code Specialist. One Can Be HVC, HV, HC, VC, H, V, or C.
Add 'S' To Anything To Designate Someone Who Will Act As A Specialist For That Mission Or Scenario.
Add 'M' To Anything To Designate A Messenger.
Add 'N' To Anything To Designate A Command Code Specialist, Nuclear Specialist, And/Or (Fusion Core Reactor) Self-Destruct Manager. Very Very Suspect Designation For Pulling Off Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. This Must Always Check Up ALWAYS! SN Extremely Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. SNE RADICALLY Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. For Any Ns Capture Always If There Is Even A Hint Of Disloyalty OR A Single Lacking In Magical Ranking OR Any Subsequent Failures In Real Ranking. Only Higher Ranking Officers Can Provide Extreme Commands Unless Your Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Senses Tell You Otherwise When Everything Checks Up As Well. Remember 'M's Only Designates Messengers They Cannot Override Commands Like 'N's Can. Spies Love To Wear Ns But Can Also Be Just A Higher Rank Same Faction Color, Check Magical Rank System For Any Dubious Commands In All Cases Irregardless.
Add 'E' To Anything To Designate An Emissary or Diplomat.
For Blue Dragons Put Blue Strip Around T-Shirt Sleeve With Faction Color Clearly Visible Above And Below{If Faction Color Is Blue Make Strip Green} Where Rank Insignia Is To Be An MP or Military Police.

Sci-Mag Order, Scientific Magic Order

Offical Rank Determiner, Official Rank Qualifications

Magical Rank System

0: Atheist; Does not believe in prayer at all. Happiness Is The Meaning Of Life. True False.
1: Low-Witch; Can Perform Basic Magnitude Judgment And Believes in magical prayer to AllA. If-Then-Else.
2: Medium-Witch; Knows critical wives of AllA to pray as needed in the witch's life and can count to any finite whole number, Weight, Understands Speed, Orientation By The Sun, Moon, Clouds, And Far Off Objects. While.
3: High-Witch; Knows all of the Council Of 36 and what those positions are for. Understands All Base Number Systems Ie Binary; 1010011010, Base 10; What We Use, Base 16/Hex; What html Colors Are In.... And Can Convert Between Any And All Of Them. Gets Percentages, Comprehends Fractions, Understands Irrational Numbers, Understands a Number Line, Density And How To Measure Volume Through Liquid Displacement, Angels, Velocity, Maps, And Orientation By The Stars With A Given Star Chart. Do-While.
4: Low-Wizard for Man[Which can be used to compliment if opposite of gender or accentuated{Since Men of Earth are about 10% smarter than Women}] Sorceress for Girlz[Which can be used to insult if opposite of gender or accentuated]; Knows how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide and what a vectorspace(Control-f: vector) is, Longitude And Latitude{Looking At Angel Of The Edges Of The Ring While Looking Straight Up} Calculations With Formula By Clocks And Calendars Respectively. Sephirothic Attributes of People. The Basics Behind The 4 Elements. For Statements.
5: Medium-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Whole Exponents And Interest Doubling and Halving Period, Knows how to perform order of operations, Probability, And Stat{istics}, and trig{onometry} remembers basic geometry, Hunt Tracking Times For Spotted Units, Circular Orbits For Navigation To Ring Colonies And Tourist Planets, and understands a Matrixspace. Sephirothic Essences. Advanced Invocation Of the 4 Elements And Spirit. Understands SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure}. Sephirothic Attributes of Materials. Remember SI Units Are Always The Same On Either Side Of The Equation And How They Are Factored And Dimensioned In Terms Of Area And Volume For Different Metric Unit Prefixes; km, m, mm, um, And Know All SI Units For All Relevant Situations From Here On Out And How To Convert{With Conversion Factors Given} Between Any Standard And Nonstandard Units In Terms Of All Unit Types And Subtypes. Switch Statements.
6: High-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Fractional Exponents, Knows Algebra, Equation Solving, Geometry Calculations, F=ma, Formula Generations For Longitude And Latitude, Interativly Calculated Orbits For Navigation To More Secret Orbiting Locations, and understands Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract and Infinite Number Theorem{Which is usually understood by Medium-Wizards}. Advanced Sephirothic Invocation. Understands Basics Behind Chemical Bond Theory, Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT, Resistive Electronics, Materials Testing Equations, and SRNs{Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Tentative Equation Comparisons.
7: Low-Mage for Man Angel for Girlz; Understands all of the Supreme Matrix Theory Which Includes The Basics Behind Calculus, Interative Functions, Chemical Bond Theory/Electrodynamics, Half-Life Equation Manipulation, Exponential Growth Manipulation, Piecewise Functions, Fourier Transform Series And General Equation Modeling, 3-D Polar Coordinates, In Terms Of Dimensions > 3-D Abstract Theory, Advanced Crystallography, Advanced Electric Components And Basic IRC Calculations, Kinetics And Trajectory Integration For Finding Any Moving Objects, Astronomy, And Thermodynamics. Understands CSRNs{Cubical Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Knows Of 12 Magical Powers And Has Learned Their Definitions. Class Structure.
8: Mage/Angel; Memorizes All Calculus Transformations, Understands Einstein's General And Special Theory of Relativity, Has a Masters in Electromagnetism, All Analogue Electronics Calculations Involving Massive Circuits Including Circuit Element Design Creation, Understands all about Rotational Inertia/Kinetics, Understands All Of Chaos Theory, Understands Nuclear Mechanics, Understands Astrophysics, and Understands Complex Sky.Net Info and CDA{Cellular Diamond Armor}. Advanced Use Of Goto Statements.
9: Arch-Mage/Arch-Angel; One Who Can Discover Things From Scratch, Basically A Physicist Discoverer. Can Model Any Situation With Either A Universal Constructor Lab And More Than Enough Time Or ALLLLLLLLLLL Equations Known To Human Kind As Well As Of Course Viacad Shark FX On A Windows Computer That Is Always Fast Enough And Also Knows Advanced Government Agency Functioning. Can Develop Certain Code In Any FULLY LAID OUT Language From Scratch But It Would Have Have To Have Already Been Finished By Someone Else Or There Is No Knowing How Hard The Code Would Be!
10: Supreme Arch-Angels: Zion. Supreme Arch-Mage: AllA Erawa Viacad. When Seeing ALL Relevant Source Code For Sonex And Anything That Runs On Sonex will Evvvvvvvventually Comprehend All Relevant Systems While The Whole Internet Is Available to them For Mathematical And Scientific References(So We Don't Have To Rediscover Everything In The Universe While Some Fat Whale PhotoCopy Bitch Yaps At Us) When Relevant But This Test Will Only Work First And Foremost When Sufficient Time Is Given according To The DIA and If It Is Not Some Stupid Doohickey That Either Requires Virtually Infinite Memorization of Encoding/Encryption And HAS EVERY FUCKING STUPID NUMBER/ANY SYNTAX CODE SYSTEM LAID OUT WITH ALL Closed Source Code Systems PROVIDED FULLY AND HONESTLY!!!! And With Means To GENUINLY Recompile With Them! Like Those That Prevented Our E-Democracy Voting Software In Java, Call Microsoft Executive Tech Support For A Test In Windows. Can Also As A New Born Ghost Develop An Entire Civilization From Intelligent Naked Hunter Gatherers To A Cellular Diamond Armor Space Armada With A HUUUUGE Amount Of Time Given To That Project Where People Would Have To Suffer Without Entertainment Unless Provided Which It Definitely Should Be!

In 90% Of All Cases Ranks Are The Same Otherwise Ranks Can Be ONLY! 1 Apart From The Magical Rank To The USG-14 Rank Even If One Has A 1 In 10,000 Rare 2 Tier Rank Difference And 3 Rank Differences Never Had, Never Do, And Never Will Exist! Again Always Expect Rank To Check Up Within 1 Rank And Always Expect Rank To Be Equivalent In Cases That Seem In Any Way Shape Or Form Trixy!



Strong In Magic, Week In Science, And Eswaybul About Mathematically Foundationed Systems

Varials Are Easily Swayed/eswaybul{Noun, Verb, And Adjective} Because They Do Not Have Firment In Being Mathematically Sound Wizards As They Are Mere Witches Who Know How To Do Magic And Cast Spells as Casters Who Work Behind The Scenes Or Enchantresses Who Work On The Scenes. Because Varials Are Eswaybul Eswaybul Who Are Eswaybully Varying In Their Political/Military/Theologic Faction/Subfaction/SubSubFaction They Become Variables In Any War Or Conflict Whom Must Be Factored In Loosely As They Can Change Sides Too Easily For Them To Be Counted On Like Wizards And Angels Or More Scientifically{Rather Than Magically} Minded People.

Varials Are Always Ranked 0-3 And Have The number After The Dot Represent Their Varial Rank Which Is .1-.3. Wizards Who have Higher Varial Rank Are Always Wizards Either Low For 4.2 Or High For 4.3 And 5.3 In Magic, A Low-Wizard Who Knows Through Advanced Sephirothic Invocation IS Thus A 'Low-Wizard High In Magic'.

X.1: Baby Varials: The Basics Behind The 4 Elements.
X.2: Low Varials: Advanced Invocation Of the 4 Elements And Spirit.
X.3: Varials: Advanced Sephirothic Invocation.

The Key To Magic

Magic Spell Book

All Things Shall Come To Those Who Are Good Of Heart!